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Waupaca Foundry is always looking for driven adults to join its skilled workforce in the core room, mill room, maintenance, metallurgy, and process engineering to name a few.

Over 50 percent of employees have been with the company more than 10 years—many for 25 years and counting. We’re proud that Waupaca Foundry is an employer of choice for more than over 4,000 professionals and hard-workers alike. Waupaca Foundry is dedicated to helping every single one of its employees cast a solid future for themselves and their families.

If you ever wondered what makes this company great, it's our people!

Andrew Stalheim, P4 Engineering Intern

College / University

Students seeking real-world experience in his/her vocation or technical specialty will find an environment of respect, teamwork and innovation. Waupaca Foundry's Summer Help Program provides internships and summer jobs to college students to give an insight into the variety of work in the metalcasting industry.

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Autumn Raether, P4 HR Assistant

Professional Careers

Great career opportunities with outstanding benefits are just the beginning at Waupaca Foundry. Investing in our employees through career pathing, continual education and a “promote from within” philosophy is key to providing the most knowledgeable workforce in the castings industry. Prospective employees looking for a future with a financially-stable company that cares about its employees, in a place where individuals can make a difference, should contact Waupaca Foundry.

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Production / Manufacturing

Once employees join Waupaca, they realize the wide variety of jobs in the foundry—from a forklift operator, machine operator, to one of the skilled positions in maintenance, core room, metallurgical department, mill room, pattern design and repair ​and engineering. Waupaca Foundry offers specific training programs to prepare employees for these technical roles.

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I Am Waupaca

Hear unscripted from our number one asset at Waupaca Foundry and learn more about our culture, mission, and values. Team members share what it means to work for Waupaca Foundry and deliver high-quality iron casting components on time to its customers.



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